James Hogg

By: Jilleighan Boivin and Cole Loar

About James Hogg:

James Stephen "Big Jim" Hogg was an American Lawyer, doctor, and statesman and he was the 20th century Governor of Texas. He was also born near Rusk, Texas.

Purpose or goals of teh remform movemnet:

One of the 2 main things James Hogg wanted was to reform large groups of individuals and to make monopolies illegal by passing an antitrust law. James Hogg regained control of the East Line and Red River Railroad. He forced restoration to the Texas railroad head-quarters and shops. So as a result roads were rebuilt and he slowly forced the railroads to respect Texas laws. Because hi small office could not effectively carry out the laws to protect the public interest he created the Texas Rail Commission. After that he was elected Governor in 1890.

Indivuals that helped the movement:

When Hogg was trying to reform the railroads, he was strongly supported by the 'Farmers Alliance' and other groups too. This group was formed by Grange members and Farmers. Also because he was so popular with ordinary citizens that he sort of had an advantage at winning Governor in 1890.

The movement was successful!

Governor Hogg was successful because in his reforms he was riding a new way of political support known as populism.

How did the movement effect the society?

In 1845 a new Texas governor took over, his name was Chris A. Culberson. He was doing the same things and same way when Hogg resigned. He also supported enforcing laws to give the Rail Road Commission power. He continued to enforce antitrust laws, and reform the courts and improving educational opportunities to black, white and Spanish.

How did the movment spread the word?

Farmers and Ranchers were being ignored by the Governor to get their attention. They organized a group called Farmers' Alliance which soon spread through out the South. These people consisted of Farmers, Ranchers and Farm laborers, they were called the People's Party, and the members were called the Populists.