Amelia Lost By Candace Fleming

An exciting adventure with Amelia Earhart!

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Amelia's thoughts

Amelia wanted to become a pilot very badly. She watched other pilots and got a job to raise money for lessons for herself. She had talked many pilots into helping her with her goal. Neta Snook was a female pilot at the time, so Amelia had started asking for lessons and advice from her. It was difficult to do but she convinced her and learned a lot.

Amelia takes Flight

Eventually, Amelia raises money to get a plane. After she raised money she gets offered to be the first female to fly across the Atlantic ocean. Of course she excepted the offer and started doing research for a route to take. The other pilot took off with Amelia in the co-pilot seat, They made it across safely. Then, later on she was the first to fly across the Atlantic solo, causing her to become famous. Later on in her life she decided to become the first pilot to fly around the world. Sadly, she was not able to make it on this difficult journey.

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Amelia's Trip

Amelia took off into the rough and tragic weather thinking to herself Its gotta be today, today i need to take off no more waiting. When she got into open air she sighs with relief. Amelia Earhart has trained for this day for many years now and was finally ready. In the air she runs into trouble with the weather and her navigator is having trouble and had to do an emergency landing. She landed in the worst possible place because it is always raining there and the run way is all wet and muddy which will be a difficult lift off. She figured it would be best if they took off as soon as possible before it gets any worse. After she lifted off she soared through the sky until her next stop on Howland Island. After leaving the island she runs into some trouble and goes down and could not be found. There was no signal and the search party's were not able to find the plane or her anywhere.

The Announcement

Amelia was no where to be found and the officials finally decided to announce that she was lost and may never be found. The people were devastated about the announcement and sent all their prayers toward her.

By Sabrina Lippold