the giver

by.Camron Walker

Lois lowry


Jonas is in a community where everything is controlled by the group of elders.The group elders decides what jobs the twelves get and what baby each family unit gets.In the giver Jonas is chosen to be the receiver of memory and has to train with the giver. when training with the giver ,Jonas starts to experience things he never felt or seen before,like war,snow,christmas,etc. after experiencing these memories Jonas and the giver makes a plan to free the memories to the people. after going over the plan Jonas finds out the Gabriel is getting Jonas took Gabriel with him on his way to cross the memory boundary to free the memories.
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Main character

The main character is jonas. Jonas is a kid who has brown hair and has been chosen as receiver of memory.One of Jonas's challenges is getting his friends to experience what he experienced. Another challenge for jonas is escaping the community with Gabriel.


"back and back and back" Th Giver

Teacher like questions

What is the climax of the giver?

What is the main character?

how does the story begin and how does the story end?

overall rating

***Three stars

I gave three stars because it took too long to get to the part where Jonas gets select as receiver of memory and the ending was incomplete.