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The previous Ed Tech Tips informed you of the powerful and thought-provoking Ditchbook Digital Summit. Hopefully you were able to tune in for a few of the presentations, or at least check out the materials that were included with each presentation. This event was quite beneficial, with several takeaways that can be used in the classroom tomorrow! Below I highlight a few of the speakers and the quotes and highlights I found most powerful in their respective presentations.

Kasey Bell - @ShakeUpLearning

Kasey is an excellent Twitter follow if you're interested in all things Google. She tweets about updates and various ways to use Google Tools in the classroom. In her presentation, the one idea that stuck out to me most is using Google Slides to create eBooks. To do this, you can simply change the size of each slide (to 8.5" x 11", for example), then design your book creation. Once finished, you can download this as a PDF, and voila, you have a PDF book that took minimal effort to create. This idea would be ideal for character summaries, geography reports, and parts of the body presentations, just to name a few. Additionally, Kasey is teaming up with Matt Miller on a Google Teacher Tribe podcast launching in early 2017, so stay tuned!

Alice Keeler - @alicekeeler

Alice is best known for her book, 50 Things You Can Do With Google Classroom, but has recently been focusing a lot of her work on the topic of homework. We all have opinions on if it's beneficial and what it should look like. But, the quote that stood out to me was, "Let's call it Independent Practice...if it's called homework, it assumes it needs to be done at home as if it's magical. The location doesn't make it magical." This can be digested in numerous ways, but she does bring up a decent point about allowing students to have teacher and peer access while working independently, and ultimately learning more rather than doing it at home with little to no guidance and no chance to ask further questions. You can check out her and Matt's upcoming book Ditch That Homework when it becomes available to read more about their thoughts and suggestions.

Dave Burgess - @burgessdave

Perhaps you've heard of Dave Burgess, either by seeing him on Twitter or reading one of his PIRATE books. Dave is a Social Studies teacher in San Diego, California and exudes excitement for teaching and learning in his classroom. Among many key takeaways, the most clever one I took away was "Preheating the Grill." For example, "you don't put a steak on a cold grill...you heat it and it sizzles." Teaching and technology work in much the same way. Dave said, "What do you say the day before to make them want to come the next day? We want to use mystery and curiosity to buzz anticipation." Imagine if your students didn't HAVE to be in your class. Would they still come? This message from Dave can really make an impact in your classroom about building excitement and anticipation for the next day's lesson.

A Very Beneficial Summit

As mentioned, these were highlights from only three of the nine fabulous presenters at the Summit. I was happy to be a part of it and was even happier to see some of Davenport's very own participating in the Summit as well. Kudos to Abbi Lievens and Tom Hill for offering their thoughts on the presentations. If you participated and haven't mentioned anything, please don't hesitate to tweet, e-mail, or ask! Also, if you participated and didn't snag this spiffy little badge, the image is here for the taking!

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