VCR Lesson 3 Presentation

Knowing our vocab words makes us cool cats.

Fill in the blank.

His method of speech was _____________; he would have fit right in during the times of Chaucer and Shakespeare.


adj. 1. Characteristic of a much earlier or primitive period.

2. Antiquated; out-of-date

Roots: ARKHEIN <G "to begin," "to be first"

ARKHOS <G "ruler," "first in rank"

Alternate forms: archaism n.

Related Words


ancient, antiquated, old-fashioned


contemporary, modern, current

Multiple Choice

Choose the sentence where the bold-faced word is used incorrectly.

(a) Shelly saw her grandmother's idioms as archaic and was embarrassed whenever she use them in public, fearing that no one would know what she was talking about.

(b) The football team is excited about the archaic party this Friday night because lots of pretty cheerleaders are supposed to be there.

(c) Writing letters is becoming an archaic practice in the modern techno-savvy generation.

(d) The archaic tools used by cavemen are now preserved in museums and studied by archaeologists, who attempt to understand how they lived thousands of years BC.