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Stepping on the bright green turf with freshly painted. All the fans yelling and getting pumped for the game. They're all here to see DeMarco Murray one of the best NFL players of all time.

He has played running back since high school.He also played basketball and did track but always loved football more.He played for Oklahoma and and got drafted in the third round (71st) pick by the cowboys for a salary of 1,406,00 in 2011. He says

he likes playing for the cowboys because they supply him with good pants, pads, helmet, and jersey.

Right now he holds a record for 8 games in a row to get 100 plus yards . That also puts him ahead for most amount of carries and total yards with 184 carries and 913 yards .He averages 5.4 yard per carry . He has 159 receiving yards and 7 touchdowns. He has 4 fumbles .

When he's not on the field he is usually training or working out. he also goes home to his girlfriend and almost two year old daughter.

I've always liked DeMarco Murray and still do. He's having a really good season. I hope he and his team can keep up the good work.


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Demarco Murray Highlights [M.V.P] - Go Dallas Cowboys