Dear Parents of 6th Students,

Outdoor education can be one of the most beneficial and memorable experiences in your child's school career. This year, Robert Frost Middle School has been assigned to Summit Lake in Emmitsburg, Maryland.

Your child has been assigned a session and will go with their science class.

  • All of Ms. Gibbs’ classes will go from Monday March 7th -Wednesday March 9th.
  • Ms. Ruderman’s period 1 students will go from Monday March 7th -Wednesday March 9th.

  • All of Ms. Varghese’s classes will go from Wednesday March 9th -Friday March 11th
  • Ms. Ruderman’s period 2 and 3 classes will go from Wednesday March 9th -Friday March 11th

There is a a lot of information included on this flyer. At the bottom is the permission slip, packing list and medical information. Please be sure to read all of it.


PARENT MEETING: If you are interested in hearing more about the program, there is an informational meeting on Thursday, January 21st. The meeting will begin at 6:30 p.m. in the Media Center.


Permission slips, health forms and a packing list will be sent home January 21st. Permission slips and payment will be collected during Homeroom from February 2nd–February 18th.

All health forms and medications must be turned in to the Health Room by February 26th.

All forms were distributed in science classes. For your convenience the permission slip has been electronically linked below. A signed hard copy must be returned to your child's homeroom teacher.



While at Outdoor Education students participate in an academic programs. We will be working in all subject areas but emphasize science and social studies. Students will do things outdoors that they can’t do in a regular classroom. The classroom teachers will be responsible for instruction but may be assisted by other resource people from MCPS.

To give you a more specific idea of why we expect this experience to be so rewarding, here is a brief listing of some of the things your child may be studying. The areas of emphasis will be:


*Map and Compass Study

*Plant and Animal Communities

*Self-esteem and Problem Solving

*Local history

The goals of the outdoor education program are to:

· Motivate children to develop positive attitudes toward learning through first-hand experiences in the natural environment.

· Provide children with many direct experiences in using scientific processes such as observing, measuring, classifying, and hypothesizing.

· Cultivate children's awareness and concern for the natural environment and the effect of people's actions upon it.

· Make the children's regular school program more meaningful by applying the knowledge and skills acquired in the classroom to real life situations.

· Help children to learn to live democratically and be responsible with other children and adults for the welfare of all participants.

· Facilitate children's learning by improving human relations.

· Improve the children's physical fitness.


The cost of this study trip is $76.00. Please make the check payable to Robert Frost Middle School. Individuals whose checks are returned by the bank will be charged a $25.00 fee. There is an option of paying by credit card. The site can be accessed on the Frost website under “Quick Links” and “Frost Online Payments.” There is a convenience fee of 3.75% charged for the use of a credit card. This fee is not collected by MCPS or Frost but paid to the site host. If the cost of this trip imposes a financial hardship on any family, confidential arrangements can be made to underwrite all or part of the fee. Please contact Mr. Darryl Johnson, the 6th Grade Administrator for details before. He may be reached by email at: . No child will be deprived of this learning experience for financial reasons


On the day your child goes to Summit Lake, please bring your child to school at 9:00 a.m. Upon arrival at school, your child should place his/her luggage under the front entrance canopy and report to the cafeteria. All students will remain in the cafeteria until we are ready to depart. Students will be riding on school busses, and the luggage will be transported directly to Summit Lake on separate busses. Students will hike in with the camp coordinator and their teachers. Listen to the weather report that morning because we will be hiking into camp regardless of the weather. Please make sure your child is dressed appropriately for a hike. If your child uses an inhaler or epipen, he/she should carry it on the hike.

It will be necessary for all students to bring a disposable secured bag lunch and drink with them the first day. All lunch items will be disposed of at the end of lunch. Make sure your child's lunch is labeled with his/her name and placed in an assigned boxes in the cafeteria prior to leaving Robert Frost. The first meal to be served at Summit Lake will be dinner.


We expect to arrive back at Frost at 1:30 p.m. on the day we return (Wednesday and Friday). The students will be dismissed upon their return. Please arrange to pick up your child at 1:45 p.m. in the lower parking lot.


Each day at camp, we have mail call in a large group. If you decide to write your child while he/she is at Outdoor Education, please put the school's name on the envelope.

The address is:

(Include your child’s name and RFMS)

7610 Hampton Valley Road

Emmitsburg, MD 21727



Your child's clothing and possessions will be limited to one piece of luggage that he/she can carry. Each child will have his/her own bed, but should bring blankets, bedroll, or a sleeping bag. This is in addition to the suitcase. All possessions should be clearly identified. It is not necessary to purchase new clothing. In fact, old clothing is more appropriate for most outdoor activities. It would be helpful if your child's clothing and other possessions were labeled. Attached is a checklist to help your child pack for the trip.


Label all belongings

Please note that the camp is in the mountains north of Fredrick, Maryland, where the temperature is usually a little cooler than here.

Students need to dress in layers to be comfortable both inside and outside.

Shorts are NOT PERMITTED OUTSIDE at Outdoor Ed!

Sleeping bag or sheets, blankets, and pillow (pack in a large, sealed, labeled garbage bag)

Jacket, hat, raincoat or poncho

Waterproof shoes (plastic grocery bags can be worn over socks inside for waterproofing)

2-3 pairs of shoes (hiking boots/sneakers + a pair for inside)

Pajamas or t-shirt/shorts for sleepwear

Undergarments/socks (4-5)

Jeans or sweat pants (3 pairs)

T-shirts (3)

Long sleeved shirts, sweatshirts, and/or sweaters (3)

Plastic bag for wet/dirty clothes


2nd Garbage bag for bringing sleeping bag home


Disposable camera, binoculars, chapstick, watch, book, sunscreen


Food (except for lunch the first day-no drinks in glass bottles), any type of knife, any type of electrical or battery operated equipment including radios, tv’s, cell phones, gameboys, ipods, blowdryers, e-readers, flashlights, firearms or matches, money

Gum, drinks, snacks, and candy are STRICTLY FORBIDDEN.

There is wildlife in the area and we do not want wildlife in the cabins!


If you want your child to receive medication while attending Outdoor Ed we will need the medication and a completed doctor’s order (Medication Authorization Form/ MCPS 525-13) no later than February 26, 2016. We cannot guarantee medication submitted at the last minute can be processed and sent to the camp.

We need an order form (attached), one for each medication. We cannot accept any medications without a completed order form.

Additional forms are available from the Health Room or they can be downloaded: for Epi Pens

Do not pack any medication in your child’s luggage. It will be taken away; and the camp won’t be able to give it to your child.

1. PRESCRIPTION MEDICATION: A parent must complete and sign Part I.

Your physician needs to complete Part II. Medication orders and the

prescription label must match exactly. NO EXCEPTIONS,

If your child takes daily medication, please send only the amount needed in the prescription bottle.

2. OVER THE COUNTER MEDICATION such as Advil or Tylenol:

You complete both Parts I & Part II of the Order Form. Medications need to

be in a NEW, UPOPENED Container. Please try to limit these to what is necessary for those few days. For “Effective Dates” in Part II, just put “OUTDOOR ED”.

If we already have OTC medications in the Health Room, we will send it.

3. EPI PENS & INHALERS: We will send what we have in the health room.

If your child has an order to self-carry these emergency medications, please do not pack them in your child’s luggage. Student bags are transported separately to the cabins. The camp requires a completed doctor’s order form for your child to self-carry these medications.

If you have any questions or need assistance don’t hesitate to contact us.

Inez Ernst, School Nurse

Lori Winter, School Health Room Tech

301-279- 3960


We are really excited about Outdoor Ed this year!

We know your kids are going to have an amazing time.