Nation, Religion, King

Basic facts about Thailand

The area of Thailand is 198,114 square miles. Their religious symbols are king and buddhism related. The portrayed culture is homogeneous. There's about 75 different ethnolinguistic groups in Thailand.

Marriage amongst the Thai people

For the most part amongst the Thai people you would pick your own marriage partner. However the more wealthy your family, the more choice you have. Divorce is acceptable, however when in the marriage the husband is considered the head of the household.
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Daily life

A common meal for the average person would consist of rice and gravy, with soup, and salad. The Thai people pride themselves on a diversified economy. Here it would be considered to be disrespectful to touch a person on the head, it's simply not done. You don't point your feet at anyone or any statue of buddha. Also footwear is removed before entering homes, temples, and other such complexes