aboriginal perspective first fleet

by Leela henry mounga 4h


The aboriginal people believed that all the dreaming was the beginning of life on earth .The jackal sisters from the north gave birth to man kind. In central Australia they believe people who disobeyed the laws and were turned to stone . They believe the landscape was formed by a large being who turned to the sky. The land became scared to the aboriginal people.

Aboriganal flag

The black part stands for the people the yellow part stand for the sun and the red part stands for the red sand.
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The british

The british stated that they took the land as their own because the aboriginal people hadn't farmed or used the land properly therefore they didn't own it.In fact 1.6 billon people had lived on the land prior to the first fleet landing.just because the aboriginal people used the land diffrently did not mean they diddn't own it.The british settelers should have taken time to learn from the aboriginal people how to survive in the harsh enviroment. Instead of taking their land as theirs.

Early Explorers

Pedro Frendanez de Quiros was a portuguese navourgator in 1603 went in search od the land in the mythical southen hemesphere.