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August 2022

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IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENTS- 22-23 Federal Grant Program Important Dates

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Don't forget your 21-22 Compliance Report(s) Due Date!

ESSA Consolidated Compliance Report: Sept. 30, 2022

Rural and Low-Income Schools Report: Sept. 30, 2022

To view your LEA compliance reports, log into TEAL and select eGrants as the application. Once in eGrants, click on Compliance Reports on the menu bar.


Each program under the 2021-2022 ESSA Consolidated Federal Grant Application has a program compliance report. All LEAs that applied for funding on their own, as fiscal agents, or as members of shared services arrangements in the 2021-2022 grant year are required to complete applicable compliance reports. The reports are designed to collect data on program participation, expenditures, and program compliance. A sample of the compliance reports, instructions, and training videos are available on the Federal Program Compliance Division web page through the Division Resources section.

Parent Family Engagement PD Opportunity at ESC 18 on September 13th! Register below!

5 Principles of Customer Service in Education training is coming to select locations soon! Through activities and lively discussion, attendees will learn how to improve relationships, increase parent and family engagement, and positively impact student success by providing outstanding customer service. Participants can register at www.esc16cluster.com. There is a $25 charge which covers a boxed lunch, the book, Engage Every Family by Steve Constantino, as well as all other materials.

Registration questions can be directed to our wonderful event planner, Anna Flores, at (361)241-4535 or at implanners@sbcglobal.net. Event questions can be directed to Krystal McCune at (806)677-5186 or at krystal.mccune@esc16.net.

We are looking forward to learning with you soon!

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2022-2023 ESSA PNP (Private Non Profit) Affirmation of Consultation Form

  • Due no later than September 30, 2022
  • The 2022-2023 ESSA PNP Affirmation of Consultation form must be uploaded through ESSA Reports/PNP Affirmation/2022-2023
  • Emailed forms are not accepted
  • If a PNP school is not participating, the LEA should not upload a PNP Affirmation, but keep documentation on file

LEAs must annually demonstrate reasonable ‘outreach’ efforts to determine if new PNP schools have opened or if established PNP schools would like to participate with ESSA services.
  • LEA reasonable outreach must be documented annually (and available if requested by TEA), even if there has never been past PNP participation or an LEA ’expects’ there are no eligible students or PNP schools.
  • Examples of LEA outreach efforts include: newspaper ads, posters in rural areas, letters/postcards, phone logs, emails, etc.

SAVE THE DATES FOR UPCOMING ESSA TRAINING OPPORTUNITIES for Federal Program Directors and Designees- Provided by Region 18 Staff- Links located on the below PDF!

Update on Revised Planning Amounts for ESSA- TEA Communication August 2, 2022

Revised Planning Amounts are available for the 2022–2023 Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) Consolidated Federal Grant Application

Local Educational Agency (LEA) revised planning amounts for ESSA formula grant programs are now available and can be viewed on the Entitlements webpage. Revised planning amounts are based on the US Department of Education July Grant Award Notifications and replace previously posted planning amounts which were based on the federal budget tables.

Note: The 2022–2023 Special Education Consolidated Grant Application (Federal) and the 2022–2023 Perkins V: Strengthening Career and Technical Education for the 21st Century planning amounts have not changed.

LEAs that have submitted their 2022–2023 ESSA Consolidated Federal Grant Application based on planning amounts may adjust their budgets as appropriate during negotiation if the application is in process. LEAs that have already received a notice of grant award may budget for their revised planning amounts when they submit their next amendment. If your LEA has not submitted its ESSA application, budgets will be populated with revised planning amounts and as a reminder, applications are due September 2, 2022.

For Further Information

For questions regarding revised planning amounts, please email the Federal Fiscal Compliance and Reporting Division at entitlements@tea.texas.gov.

For information on the application process, contact your assigned negotiator listed on the Grants Administration Contacts page.

TEA'S STATEWIDE TRAINING SERIES- 2021 Presentations, FAQs, and Slide Shows Available for Viewing

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ESSER Support and Useful Videos

Select Link Below for ESSER WorkApp Link

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Grant Resources- Updated 22-23 FAQ Documents

Save the Date: 22-23 Program Monitoring: Random Validations Overview Statewide Virtual Training for LEAs and ESCs Sept 27th: 9:30-11:30

Training Description:
Attendees will learn about the overall process, timelines, and the program requirements that will be included in the 2022-2023 random validations for the following programs/requirements:
  • Title I, Part A—Improving Basic Programs;
  • Title I, Part A Supplement, Not Supplant;
  • Title I, Part C—Education of Migratory Children;
  • Title I, Part D, Subpart 2—Prevention and Intervention Programs for Children and Youth Who Are Neglected, Delinquent, or At-Risk;
  • Title II, Part A—Supporting Effective Instruction;
  • Title IV, Part A—Student Support and Academic Enrichment Grants;
  • Title V, Part B—Rural and Low-Income School Program;
  • Private School Equitable Services (PNP);
  • EdFlex Title I, Part A Schoolwide Eligibility Waiver; and
  • Unsafe School Choice Option.

Registration Link:



Parent & Family Engagement Compliance Calendar

Additional PFE Compliance Modules will be required in 22-23. Region 18 will communicate training opportunities in the coming days.

Download this PDF to see district and campus Parent Family Engagement Requirements

Title I Principal Monthly Checklist

This document can support principals on Title I Campuses complete requirements throughout the school year.

Activities are listed by suggested months, but the date of the activity is not required to be done in a specific month.

Your district’s Federal Program Director will communicate specific submissions for your district. Please use this checklist as a guide for completing requirements related to a Title I Campus.


Please see below the monthly ESSA Chat Calendar: The PDF has monthly links for 22-23 virtual ESSA chats. A flyer will also be sent prior to each chat.
Pre Approval for Construction, HVAC, Remodeling, Repair

Pre-Approval for Construction, Remodeling, Alteration, Renovation, or Repair Costs: Renovations and repairs that require pre-approval include HVAC, ventilation, and air quality costs.

Texas School Safety Center

Stay up to date with the most recent changes in School Safety, Audit Information, and much more.

ESSA Program Monitoring- Random Validation Page 22-23

Updates with validation process in phases, training slides, and submission packets.