Job Career

Sports medicine physician

Job Description

This job includes treated sports injures including head injures, arm injures, knee injures and a lot more like these. They also treat chronic health conditions that affect performance like asthma and Diabeties. They help athletes and counsel them to make them do the best they can. They can also suggest diets and such.

More About the Job

This job has been predicted to grow by 18% from 2015-2020. So far this job has a positive outlook on the future of it. People with experience earn more money and there are many skills to have this job.

Skills necessary

Good at reading, be able to listen without interuptions and ask good questions. Basic problem solving and knowing the pros and cons of every choice. Predicting what would happen if you do something.


First you must earn a bachelors degree. You must then graduate from medical school. Third you have to earn a medical license. Then complete a residency and finnaly complete a fellowship. This usually takes around 15 years to complete.

(Link describes info about each step)


For experienced people, it is around $187k pay per year. In the New York State and city, the average pay is less than $100k for unexperienced people while nationally it is above $100k for unexperienced workers.

Why This Job Is Good

The reason this job is good is because even though this has so many years of training the pay is very good. This job helps athletes play sports and it seems like a important job. The job is not that easy but it gives a good pay.


Despite all the good things, sports physicians still have a irregular work schedule. They might need to work very long hours. Also the training is very high and you will need a large financial investment with long years of training. You could get diseases from them which may harm you. Many jobs still have lots of cons so this shouldn't be a huge setback for anyone.
Education link

More information on the steps to become a sports physican.