The Apartheid

How it effected South Africa's past

Whats the Apartheid and What was its Goal?

The Apartheid was the racial segregation and white supremacy policy in South Africa. The word apartheid means separateness.
The goal of the apartheid was to maintain white superiority.

Where or When was the Apartheid?

The Apartheid was a policy in South Africa from 1948 to 1991. There is no exact time of when the Apartheid ended. I think it ended when Nelson Mandela and the freedom fighters were released from prison because it was a very imortant moment that lead to when South Africa had its first democratic election.

Who were the important participants in the Apartheid?

The apartheid separated people into 3 racial groups. The Whites or Afrikaners , the blacks (the majority of the nation), and the colored which consisted of multiracial or non-white South Africans.

A key person in the apartheid was Nelson Mandela. He was the face of hope during the apartheid. He helped organize protests without violence. During one of the protests he and others were arrested. He was in jail for 27 years. Then was released and was made president of South Africa.

Another key person was FW de Klerk he was the leader of South Africa during the ending of the apartheid. He believed it was time to work with other races as equals. He ended the apartheid by taking away the racial restriction laws. He gained trust of South Africans when he released Nelson Mandela and other freedom fighters from jail.

What are some Key Events and Effects of the Apartheid?

During the apartheid non-whites had to carry IDs everywhere. All non-whites were moved into small reserves with small houses all together. Most of the houses lacked electricity and plumbing. They were also forced to use separate benches, entrances, and water fountains.

The white government also made the mixed marriage act that wouldn't allow whites and other races other than whites to marry each other. They also made the population segregation act that segregated people by moving colored and blacks to reserves.

The rest of the world did not like the apartheid. They are against discrimination. So South Africa was not allowed to be in international organizations like the United Nations (UN). They also were not allowed to participate in the Olympics.

What Ended the Apartheid? Whats South Africa like now?

The apartheid ended by FW de Klerk taking away segregation laws. And I believe it ended by the South Africans will of never giving up and fighting for their freedom.
Today every race has an equal chance for education, jobs, income, and so much more.

Why Is The Apartheid An Important Lesson To Learn From?

I believe the apartheid was important because it shaped South Africa. Though I think it is an important lesson to everyone to never discriminate. Also to teach people that EVERYONE is human and that makes them equal.

FW de Klerk

Nelson Mandela