Creating on the iPad

Your iPad should be more than a center activity.

If you are only using your iPad to consume content, you’re missing out on half the power! Having students create a product gives you a much better understanding of what they know than if they filled in bubbles on a worksheet. This session will cover of variety of apps that will allow students to quickly create a product and show what they really know!

Free apps

How to use Chatterpix - WeGo Tech
Shadow Puppet App for iPhone & iPad Tutorial
Sock Puppets Tutorial
tellagami tutorial
Telestory App
Create a Movie Trailer with iMovie for iPad
Grab & Go Breakfast at La Vista Junior High!
Book Creator for iPad
Comic books come to Book Creator

Adobe Apps

Paid apps

Explain Everything™ Interactive Whiteboard
Doodle Cast Pro Tutorial

Check out this resource for more ideas and information: