Everyone needs a little sparkle!


Who is this sparkly girl?

Erin Moomey was a very active 11 year old. She was involved in competition dance, soccer, and basketball. In early February of 2013, Erin complained about being tired all the time. She also had intermittent fevers that would come one day and be gone the next. A week later Erin went to the doctor to have some tests done. The doctor thought she may have mono. But after multiple tests, she was referred to Blank Children's Hospital. On February 27th, 2013 Erin was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL). Erin handled it very well. She asked lots of questions and watched the doctors and nurses. She cut and dyed her hair pink and orange. Erin continued to do her activities when she could. Erin was a very sassy, fun-loving, sparkly girl. She dreamed of going to Paris and becoming a fashion designer or dance teacher.

Erin passed away October 29th, 2013 due to complications with her Leukemia. Erin is an inspiration to everyone. It was very rare to see her without a smile. She was a strong girl, and a great role model for everyone young and old.

Spread Some Sparkle!

Tuesday, Sep. 1st, 12am to Sunday, Sep. 6th, 12am

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Spread Some Sparkle!

#spreadsomesparkle was started in 2014 to celebrate the life of Erin Moomey. We celebrate by performing random acts of kindness the week of Erin's birthday. In 2015 we are performing random acts of kindness in Erin's honor September 1st - 6th. Please help us spread Erin's Sparkle by doing a random act of kindness in her honor.