Assignment 1

Jack Good

Barriers to effective communication

Background noise - This can make it hard to hear other people speak and therefore you will be unable to reply as you didn't understand what they said. It can also affect other situations such as if you are holding a conference infront of lots of people as it can distract you and then you lose your train of thought ans forgot what you were talking about.

Distractions - Many things can distract you when you are communicating with others, this can range from user actions to random occurrences. For example using your phone can distract you from talking to someone.

Physical Barriers - A physical barrier can be if you have a hearing difficulty then you will not be able to communicate properly as it will be hard to understand what the other person is saying. Another physical barrier is if you have bad literary skills or have partial blindness, this will affect you if you need to read emails or letters as it will make it harder to read them by having these limitations.

Lack of concentration - Having a lack of concentration can really harm you if you are doing a presentation and then have a lapse of concentration you may lose your audience and therefore fail the presentation.

Location - Location can impact communication as if you are living in an area with a poor signal and you are trying to make phone calls to other people the phone line may cut out and it maybe very hard for the other speaker to understand what you are saying, this can be the same for if you are trying to communicate with someone over the internet as the connection maybe very unstable and keep dropping making it hard to keep in contact.

Personal Attributes

Specific Skills - This is the skills required for the job you are applying for, for example every job, All jobs have technical terms that needed to be known before applying employees need these.

General Attributes - General attributes are skills that any job can use for example having a positive attitude while doing your work is really good as it shows you enjoy your job. Having good time management is another good attribute to have as it means you will finish all of your tasks on time. Being able to work as a team is another good attribute to have as a lot of working environments encourage this as working with others well increases productivity. Having good communication skills both verbally and written is key because it shows that you have a good understanding of the English vocabulary.

Attitudes - Attitudes are personal skills that an individual feels towards their work. There are many attitudes an individual can have towards their work and these include; determination, this is how driven you are to complete tasks you have this is a very good attitude to have as it shows to employers that you will give the work they set your all.

Problem solving, this attitude shows that you are capable of figuring out what needs to be done even if it takes you a while to complete. Another attitude that people have towards work is good leadership skills, this is a very positive attitude to have as it will show to employers that you can take charge inside of a workplace in order to get deadlines completed.

Effective Communication

General Communication - Effective communication will be affected by cultural differences these can be due to speaking to someone from a different country or even talking to someone from a different part of a country as they will have different accents. This can mean some of your terminology will not be understood from people who aren't from your area. Adapting your voice is a trait you will need to use when you are communicating to many different people at once, this is so they all understand what you are saying and also so you do not offend anyone. When speaking for long periods of time can cause people to lose interest if you start to ramble, to stop this from happening you need to make sure you are always accurate with what you are talking about and make sure you stay in that context.

Interpersonal Skills - Interpersonal skills are different techniques you can use in order to communicate better with your audience. A way to keep your audience attentive is to ask questions, this will keep them up to speed and make sure they understand what you are saying. Another way is using hand gestures and body language to further improve their communication towards others, these gestures can change depending on the audience and it can also portray a positive or a negative vibe depending on the emotion that is felt.

Communication in writing - When communicating in writing a lot of words can be shortened to make it easier and faster to type, this is used when speaking to friends and family informally. This is the same as when using emoticons, these are using keyboard characters in order to create faces that suggest what emotion you are feeling, since the introduction of newer smartphones there are 100's of emoticons and are now used in both formal and informal conversations. When writing emails and other important documents you should proofread all what you have written as when typing mistakes in grammar and spelling are easy to do.