The Life And Times Of An Earthworm

By Ryan Johnson

The Five Senses

Worms have no eyes, but they are able to detect when it's light and when it's dark.

Worms have no ears, but they are able to sense the vibrations of nearby animals.

Worms smell and breath through pores in their body.

Worms move by wiggling their body because of their lack of arms and legs.

Worms don't have teeth and they eat by pulling the food into their mouth using their mouth muscles.


Worms like to live in areas with rich, moist soil that have plenty of nutrients.

They like forests and cultivated soil.

Different Types Of Earthworms

Earthworms are generally categorized into three different types-

Epigeic worms, which live on the surface or in compost near the surface

Endogeic worms, which live in the topsoil below that of the epigeic worms, are the most common type of worm

Anecic worms dig down into the subsoil as deep as 3 meters. They are also the largest type of worm.

Circulatory System

Earthworms have five very small hearts instead of one larger one because the don't need as much energy as human beings and other large mammals do.