BEHS Preschool

Life on the Farm

About Farm life

We are here to teach the families how they can get involved with the farm life with their children. There are different activities that you can do at home to get involved with your children. There's different types of fun activities that could bring joy and fun to you and your child. We also take them through how the farm life was about 20 years ago, when animals helped the farmer. We incorporate math skills like counting eggs that the chickens lay. Along with teaching them fun songs to sing like "Old McDonald Had A Farm." Also bring in stuffed animals and have them identify the different types of animals that live on a farm.

Activities On Joyful farm life.


  • Make chicken eggs
  • You can make a cow and take a glove and fill it with water or milk and take turns milking your cow.
  • Sing songs together
  • Create pictures together of different farm animals
  • You can make different snacks that also can be healthy Ex: make pig food, add different kinds of vegetables and mix them together.