TJMS Staff Newsletter

Technology and LRC Updates

So we have a tech coach and an IT person. What's the difference?

IT (Linda)

  • Installation of hardware and software
  • Troubleshooting problems
  • Helps with Power School concerns
  • Fixes email issues
  • Computer Break - Fix (fixes computer items when they break)

Technology Coach (Sam)

  • Assists in locating resources (web based, software, hardware).
  • Co-teaches / Models technology integration.
  • Provides PD for new initiatives.
  • Upon request, observes lessons and provides feedback on technology implementation.
  • Share new ideas and model effective 21st Century teaching strategies.

Moving Forward with Technology

Here are the major technology advancements we are working on and hope to have implemented in the fall. We are also working feverishly to learn these programs and create detailed training to help you use them effectively.

  • Windows 8
  • Office 365
  • Student Logins
  • Ten teachers will participate in the 21st Century Learning group.
  • District 4 year Technology Plan

Meet the New Staff!

Leah Decker

How many years have you been a teacher? This is my first year of teaching!

What do you do at TJMS?

I teach 6th grade-math and social studies.

What do you like best about TJMS?

The thing I like best about TJMS is the support I have gotten. As a first year teacher, I’ve had a lot of questions and everyone has been extremely helpful. I feel very comfortable asking for help from anyone and that has been great!


I have an awesome family which includes my two adorable nephews-Kindrick (3 years old) and Kelson (1.5 years old)!

What do you like to do in your time away from school?

I enjoy running, playing volleyball, reading, baking, and hanging out with my family (especially my nephews)!

Shayna Boxleiter

How many years have you been a teacher?

I have been a teacher for 2 years.

What do you do at TJMS?

I am a reading teacher at TJMS.

What do you like best about TJMS?

The thing I like best about TJMS is how nice everyone is :)


Husband: Chris, daughter: Anna, 2 cats: Oliver and Oscar, 1 dog: Bristol

What do you like to do in your time away from school?

When I am away from school I spend my time with my family.

TJ TechBytes


HippoCampus is a free site through Keystone that offers math, science, and social studies educational resources. These resources include searchable videos, examples, and interactive simulations. You can customize your site to match your subject and/or textbook and share it with your students, too!


ThingLink is a great tool that helps you create rich images that appeal to visual, aural, and verbal learners in your classroom. You can use an image (from your hard drive or the internet) and add clickable notes, videos, or sound links to make an interactive product. Check out this great social studies sample about the Wright Brothers! Just hover your mouse over the tags on the image to learn more about the Wright Brothers.

21st Century Teaching and Learning

Are you ready to move with the district toward 21st Century teaching in your classroom?

The term 21st Century skills describes the knowledge and skills that go above and beyond traditional academic expectations. It means:

· Ability to apply knowledge to real-world challenges

· Broader competencies, such as problem-solving, critical thinking, and strong interpersonal skills for communication and collaboration.

(Alabama Best Practices Center, 2012)

· Enabling students to have more control over how and what they learn

With 21st Century learning, students have the opportunity to connect their learning to the world in an interactive way. As teachers, you have the exciting but tough challenge of teaching in an ever-changing environment where interactive learning is meaningful learning.

If you are ready to learn more about 21st Century teaching and learning, stop by my desk or send me an email. I would love to chat with you about it! Here are a couple of visuals to help you get started...

End of Year Reminders from Linda

End of Year Laptop/Netbook/Computer Preparations

Summer Usage/Storage Info:

If your laptop has been re-imaged and has an ME2000XX number on the lid, you are free to take your laptop home for the summer. If it has not been re-imaged, you need to leave it with Linda until it has been re-imaged.

If you do not want to take your laptop home for the summer, please put it in a case with your name clearly marked on the outside and take it to Linda’s room for summer storage. Any laptops not given to Linda for storage are the responsibility of the staff member for the summer.

If you are transferring to another school you may take it to your new school or keep with you for the summer, if it is already reimaged. Once at your new school, your will need to have the IT staff rename your laptop to match your building and add necessary printers/software.

Over the summer, older computers in the classrooms will be removed along with CRT monitors. If they can be re-imaged to Windows 7, they will be returned to the classroom (hopefully) by the end of summer.