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What we know and how it helps....


Life in the cloud. ALL things Google (ALL meaning ALL), are in the cloud. An Internet connection is what is needed to access it.
Oh! GOOGLE! - The Smurfs 2011
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Chrome: Now Everywhere


Main Features

  • In the cloud
  • OmniBox (WonderBar)
  • Simple
  • Extensions

Click here for additional resources for Chrome.

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Google Drive: One safe place for all your stuff

Getting to Know Drive

  • Navigating Drive
  • Searching
  • Settings
  • Creating
  • Uploading

Google Documents

Basic Features:
  1. Title/File Name
  2. Word Processing Features
  3. Tracking Changes
  4. Sharing

This is the Google Docs Crib Sheet link.
Google Forms a teacher/student connection



1. Settings

2. Question Types

3. Other Settings

4. Sharing

5. Spreadsheet

6. Spreadsheet Add-ons

Click here for the Google Forms Smore.

Click here for the Smore on Google Forms in the Library (by Michelle Cooper)

80 uses for Google Forms in the classroom (or library).

Google Drive 201

Here is a link to amping up your Drive in the classroom. (I found this through Twitter).

12 Effective Ways To Use Google Drive In Education

How are we supposed to maintain our 19th century ways of teaching with all these 21st century tools getting in the way? #21stedchat From: Sean Junkins ‏@sjunkins 22 Sep-

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Michelle Cooper

Michelle Cooper

Library Media Specialist

Henderson Middle School

TCEA LIB-SIG President

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