Perry Hall Middle School

Quote of the Week:

"LIfe will never be perfect for those of us who choose to teach. Children's lives aren't perfect either. But we can choose to be still, be patient, and connect. That's the space where we discover empathy within for those who need us the most." -Pamela Moran

Spotlight on Learner-Centered Environments

It's Back...Grading Smarter Not Harder Book Study Group 2

Wednesday, Jan. 20th 2016 at 3pm

Room 219

Stay tuned for information about registering for the Spring GSNH Book Study for 1 MSDE credit. Look for an email with more information after winter break. It begins on January 20th.

Blog of the Week: Turning Classes Into Communities

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During Dr. Martin-Knox's last visit, she commented on how much she liked the above saying displayed in my room. I bought this for myself in an attempt to reconnect with some of my most difficult classes a few years back. Feel free to use this saying in your own classrooms as you get back into your classroom routines after winter break. Let me know if I can help with community building in your classroom. Relationships are key!

COMING SOON...Mini-PD on BCPSOne Tests/Quizzes, Lesson Tiles, OneDrive, ClassFlow...Check your emails after the break for more information!