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Sexual Dysfunction in Patients with Antipsychotic Medication

Psychosis is a mental condition that causes impairment of thoughts and emotions. It leads to development of delusional thoughts and hallucinations. Some of the most common symptoms of psychosis include lack of concentration, depression, irregular sleep, general anxiety, withdrawal and unusual thoughts and beliefs.

This condition is managed by administering antipsychotic drugs to the patients. These are drug that slow down the activity of the nervous system to bring back normality. Despite their therapeutic nature, these drugs have been known to cause sexual dysfunction.

Type’s Antipsychotic Medications

The various types of antipsychotic drugs include fluphenazine, zuclopenthixol, flupentixol, oral haloperidol, pimozide and droperidol. Antipsychotic medication helps to ease hallucinations and enable the patients to think more soberly. The particular regimen given to the patient depends on the symptoms.

Mode of Action of Various Antipsychotic Medications

Therapeutic ability of these medication is based on their action on the dopamine (D2) and D1 receptors. The active ingredient blocks these receptors slowing down the activity of the nervous system.D2 receptor blockers represent the main treatment and have relatively rapid action on the nervous system. It is also important to note that increased dosage leads to increased effects on the system.

Prevalence of Sexual Dysfunction in Neuralpletics

According to statistics, dysfunction occurs in more than 60% of the patients taking antipsychotic drugs leading to conclusions that these drugs lead to reduced sexual stimulation. Thioridazine has been isolated as one with the greatest effect on the sexual activity. According to research, the patients report decreased levels of libido as well as difficulty in attaining a good strong erection. There is also reduced morning erection. kindly Visit -

Management Techniques of Dysfunction in Neuralpletics

The management of sexual dysfunction among persons taking antipsychotic medications is an issue of ongoing research. Conclusive approaches are not yet fully developed due to the specificity and sensitiveness of both the nervous system and the process of mental stimulation of an erection.

Complementing Therapy

The management of psychosis together with erectile dysfunction has not been conclusively determined and research in this field is ongoing.

Non-compliance to the medication regime is one of the techniques used in dealing with this problem among affected Persons. To avoid the risk of relapse occurring, patients may skip a dose, and use PDE 5 inhibitors such as filitra for a good sexual response after which they continue with their medication. This can only be done after consultation with a medical practitioner.


Psychosis is a medical condition that interferes with the normal functioning of the mind. Antipsychotic medicine is used to correct this condition and this medication works by inhibiting the action of dopamine receptors. Research has shown conclusively that antipsychotic drugs interfere with the normal sexual functioning and can lead to erectile dysfunction. The actual mechanism, which the sexual interference occurs, has not been well established thus making it difficult for practitioners to address this problem. Patients can use PDE 5 inhibitors such as filitra vardenafil to manage their dysfunction and must always seek medical advice before using the drugs.

This article has been written by Gagandeep Singh Mann