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they analyze and treat muscular and skeletal problems, but they mainly focus on the neck and back. they mainly move the spine to help relieve pain and improve function although they can use alternative methods


chiropractors must take and pass their board exams before applying for a license that will allow them to practice. you are only allowed to practice in the state that you are licensed in. they are required to continue education after receiving the license.

Typical Day

During a typical day chiropractors have to juggle many patients and their corresponding paperwork. They will talk to each patient and design a plan to treat their specific problem. they will also talk with their patients and describe what they can do to help prevent and treat any further pains or problems. they may also use X-rays to help explain a situation to a patient.


in most states chiropractors need 90 undergraduate college credits or a bachelors degree and further education at a school that offers chiropractic training. sometimes a residency is required. after obtaining your license you are required to continue your chiropractic education.


the average chiropractor will make around $135,000 a year. with a minimum of $96,000 and a maximum of $233,000 it is a pretty good career to get into if you are looking for a job with good pay.

Necessary Skills

you would have to be a people person. you are going to have to talk to a variety of people varying in age, social status, race, and many different backgrounds. it would also be helpful to be capable of making quick decisions on how to fix X patients problem so you can get them in and out as quick as possible.

Practice Setting

a lot of chiropractors will work together in a group practice, but there are also many who work alone. in 2012 37% were self employed. only a small number of chiropractors work in hospitals or physicians offices. they will typically work in an office type setting where it is clean and comfortable.

Job Outlook

from 2012-2022 the job outlook is 15%, which is faster than the average job.
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