DHS Softball

December Newsletter


We are officially out of the dead period. Workouts can resume at this point. We will be changing how skill workouts operate. Often times during our fall workouts, players would sign up and then not show up for the workouts, which lead to difficult skill workouts. Instead, this winter we will be contacting you VIA EMAIL to see if you can make a particular workout. It will be based upon position and what we saw from you in the fall workouts. If you did not sign up for any of the fall workouts, you will not be asked to attend any of the winter workouts (unless you played a fall sport). To recap, this is how it will work

  • Players will be asked to a certain workout via email. You will have 1 day to confirm. If we do not hear back from you, we will ask someone else.
  • Only players that signed up for fall workouts will be asked to attend.
  • The location and time will be given in the email.
  • Conditioning will still be available to unlimited number of players (you will sign up for this).
  • If you did not attend a fall workout and would like to be added to the winter workout list, please send us an email.
  • You must have a current physical on file.


Tryouts will begin on February 16, 2015. Most likely, we will have 2-3 days of tryouts, depending on our numbers. You must be eligible (grades, attendance, etc.) and have a current physical on file. DO NOT MISS A DAY OF TRYOUTS.

Tentative 2015 Schedule

February 24th Scrimmage @ West Rowan 5:00/7:00

February 28th Scrimmage vs. South Iredell TBA

March 5th vs. North Stokes (Varsity Only) 6:00 p.m.

March 6th @ South Iredell TBA

March 10th vs. Reagan 5:00/7:00

March 12th vs. West Rowan 5:00/7:00

March 13th vs. South Stokes 5:00/7:00

March 14th JV Tournament @ Rich Park TBA

March 17th @ Reynolds (Varsity only?) 5:00

March 19th @ North Davidson 5:00/7:00

March 20th vs. West Forsyth 5:00/7:00

March 21st vs. Montour, PA & West Davidson TBA

March 24th vs. Parkland (Varsity only?) 5:00

March 26th vs. Mt. Tabor 5:00/7:00

March 27th @ East Davidson 5:00/7:00

April 1st @ Forbush 5:00/7:00

April 6th-10th Spring Break TBA – 3 days

West Brunswick Tournament Varsity Only

April 14th vs. North Davidson 5:00/7:00

April 17th @ West Forsyth 5:00/7:00

April 20th vs. North Iredell (Endowment) 5:00/7:00

April 21st vs. Reynolds (Varsity only?) 5:00

April 24th @ Parkland (Varsity only?) 5:00

April 28th @ Mt. Tabor 5:00/7:00