Looses all hair, ages way faster, and bones are fragile.

How You Get The Condition?

All it really is a fatal genetic condition characterized by an appearance of accelerated aging in a child. 1 of 4-8 million newborns are born with Progeria.
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What Can Doctors Do To Get Rid Of Progeria?

It is really hard to get rid of Progeria. It is a very rare condition. Doctors are trying to figure out ways, but they are not finding anything right now.

How Is This Treated?

They have a lot of treatments. They take blood tests, do scans, and just do check ups to make sure the patient is doing okay. Some of the things they do are just so simple.

Important Facts!!!

1. Adalia Rose, a internet famous girl, has Progeria. Her family supports her and she is the cutest thing ever!!

2. Progeria is very rare. Only 1 out of 4-8 million people get it when they are born.

Why I Picked Progeria!

I picked Progeria because it isn't a common condition. It is really interesting to learn about all the different things that can happen. Another reason I did Progeria is because of Adalia Rose. She is my favorite internet famous and world wide famous girl there is.
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