Grandpa Weather

By: Lona and Braiton

Timeline Conclusion

Dust Bowl drought impacts 100 million acres of Great Plains. Globally averaged second warmest decade in the past 140 years.Nov. 1950- Severe storm event produces blizzard and severe winds in 22 states. In 1928, Great Okeechobee and Hurricane kills up to 3,500. In September, 1958 Typhoon Vera hits Japan, killing nearly 5,000, leaving 1.5 million homeless.


The trends actually stay the same they were not worst when your grandparents were younger they are just fibbing.



Grandpa was wrong.

We discovered that grandpa was not telling the truth it really has not changed much from 1895 to 2014. The graphs prove this some years are less than others but all together it is pretty much the same.