Poetry Project

By Iain Davis and Joshua Ammerman


The Seasons

As the summer sun scorches my back

I mosey into fall for a cool breeze

But as the freezing chills did come, I put my coat on the rack

And the life of spring rejuvenates me

However, the seasons cannot compare

To the wonderful beauty of her hair

Although approach her I did not dare

But when I gazed at her I had no cares

In the summer nothing could beat

My compassion for her and the blistering heat

And when Winter blew a breath of chill

For her to be mine, it was my will

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I Wish

I wish I had more money

I wish I had a bigger house

I wish I had a bigger speaker

I wish I had less homework

I wish I had no siblings

I wish I had a car

I wish I had the power of time travel

I wish I had a magic wand to make all my wishes come true

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Free Verse


As I slowly sunk the knife into his thigh

A sweet sweet howl protruded from his lips

Caressing my ears, the sound rang in my head

I pulled the knife towards me, making a jagged canyon of flesh and splitting bone

I grabbed his head, and shoved it towards the ground and made him consume his blood

He cried out, and in turn I slammed his head with my chair

There was an indent in his head, and he went silent and limp

I screamed at him to wake up, cradling his cold body and slowly bringing bits of his flesh

I tasted the sickly sweet taste of raw meat, and smiled in satisfaction

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