POHW Before and after poster

by cj

Hollis outlook on life

in the beginning Hollis is sad.In the end Hollis is happy to be a family. pg.5

i don't what any one looking in my soul.

Hollis and Josie

Hollis likes Josie but at the end she moves away and goes to see her once and a while.


i won't leave.

Hollis and the Reagans

at the beginning she was sad that she was bad with the family but at the end she got happy and is living with the reagans pg.166

a family

Hollis and drawling

she likes drawling all the time in the book but at first she drew stuff like the w pick

now she draws stuff like the pick of her and the Reagans pg.1

w for wish

Hollis and out side

she likes it because it is her get away from people and she loves to draw in it to but at the end she is more with people pg.

Hollis and mustered women

she hates the mustered women because she is the one moving Hollis to a new home all the time but at the end she starts to like the mustered women. pg.165

they show up regularly