By: Yvette Dorado


I've always been interested in fashion , but I never quite understood what fashion designers do. As I was researching for this project I understood that you have to have a good eye for color texture, drawing skills and other skills

Career Research

Daily Tasks and Responsibilities:

Determine prices for styles,confer with sales and management executives or with clients in order to discuss design ideas.

Work Environment:

The working conditions of a fashion designer are as varied as the types of design work available. Because designers can be employed by major corporations, manufacturers, design firms or themselves, it is impossible to pin down a "typical" working condition

Education and Training:

Fashion designers are generally required to hold undergraduate degrees in fashion design. Those who intend on owning their own design firms or shops may benefit from earning a combined degree in fashion design and marketing or another business-related subject

Job Skills:

A good eye for color texture and shape.

an understanding of the characteristics of fabrics and how they can be used.

technical skills such as pattern cutting and sewing.

the ability to spot and develop trends.

drawing skills.

the ability to use computer design packages.

Job Outlook:




High School Preparation


The class that will help me have experience with fashion is Fashion

Extra-Curricular Activities:

Fashion Club

Work/Volunteer Experiences:

Work at a clothing store would be very helpful


Fashion- Ms.Falls

Fashion Club- Ms.Manola

My Post Secondary Plan

I plan on attending a 4 year college . But for me to become one I need a Bachelor's degree. A school that I heard is good to become a fashion designer is The Illinois Institute of Art and also Columbia College Chicago


Throughout the entire career research process, I learned that utilizing as many resources as possible is the best way to go. Naviance and help me learn more about becoming a fashion designer like the salary, what degree you need, and skills you need.