The Fourth Grade Flash

A Newsletter for Mr. Sikes' Fourth Grade Families

Coming Events

October 17-Teacher Professional Learning/Work Day School is not in Session

October 21-PTA Meeting @ 9:00.

October 21-GUARD Fall Celebration for students who have earned 92% or more of their weekly behavior points for first quarter.

October 24-28 Penny Wars

October 24, 25 and 26 Parent Teacher Conferences

Science Fair Project Sign Up

Your child brought home a Science Fair packet for our second quarter Science Fair. There is a list of 200 science fair topics in the back of the packet entitled "200 Science-Project Ideas that will Wow Judges." So we have a variety of different projects/experiments and to maximize learning from each other we would like each child in the class to do a different project. So after looking over the list with your child and choosing a project you can go to and choose the project that you would like to do. The numbers in the sign-up correspond to the numbers in the topic list so if your child wants to do project number 19 "How does playing video games affect hand-eye coordination?" you would select number 19 on the sign up list. Since only one of each project is allowed it might be a good idea to choose two or three projects that your fourth grader is interested in doing. If the project your fourth grader is doing isn't on the list you can sign up and choose other at the bottom of the sign-up list and in the comments section tell what project your fourth grader will be completing.

Spelling Words

1. haste 2. limber 3. designate 4. resign 5. muscular 6. bombard 7. resignation 8. soften 9. crumble 10. design 11. limb 12. crumb 13. column 14. soft 15. moisten 16. moist 17. muscle 18. columnist 19. hasten 20. bomb