Performance Levels

By Lucy Wood

Introduction - Foundation vs Elite

Foundation level

Foundation level is first level of participation in the sports environment. This level is for the participants basic learning and understanding of the basic skills in a sport or activities. It can also be the level of making the participants focus on the certain sport they are interested in from the start. This usually includes school children at this level but it can vary as to when they start having the interest in a chosen sport or start in the sports environment.

Elite level

Elite level is the last level of participation in the sports environment. This includes participants reaching national standards up to the Olympic or world wide class performance. It is also the level which participants get paid to perform in their chosen sport. This is also a job to elite performers as they get paid. Also their is a lot put into this level compared to foundation. This is more focusing on PB standards , this means our personal best. This is also done at a professional standard ,for example a elite performer could be Jess Ennis as she is an elite performer.

Purposes of Foundation level ; talent identification

The purposes for foundation level is for talent identification. This can vary as it can be a purpose in the foundation level or in the next level which is beginners. This is because you may not always find talent from just the first level because they are just finding the interest in activities or sport therefore it might be too early to identify this.However it can be identified as when the participants take part in the different activities and sports they might stand out from the rest of the participants. This means the teacher may identify that they have played rather well compared to the others. This wouldn't happen in elite level as they would off already identified the participants talent ,obviously to get to elite level your playing world class performance in that sport so your talents already been identified. This also can be identified by the skills they may use ,therefore if they show the level of possibly world class skills then this will indicate talent. It could also be identified by parents genes ,for example if their parents were fit, healthy and active round the sports environment then they may intake this gene from them. Also this would work with how they might play in a certain sport therefore talent might be identified by this. There isnt many purposes for foundation level because its just getting started into the sporting environment therefore their is no fitness testing or assessment of health etc involved because there is no reason for this.

Purposes of elite level

The purposes of elite level are monitoring current fitness levels ,goal setting and squad selection. Monitoring current fitness levels is a purpose in elite as they would assess their fitness levels to ensure they are healthy and fit enough to participate in the sporting environment. For example if rooney was too decrease in his fitness level his coach would monitor this on a daily basis to keep track of this and ensure they work on this. Also this links in with squad selection as if they were not fit enough then they wouldnt pick them out for the team to play in a match. Also another purpose is recovery after injury as if a player was to injure himself then the coach would therefore make sure he has enough time to recover from this as it would prevent any more strains on this injury. This wouldnt be as important in other levels as they wouldnt be representing a big environment and therefore they wouldnt be as bothered for them participants. Goal setting could be another purpose in elite performances as if they wanted to get to a certain point by the end of their sports season then this would be very important for some participants. For example a coach may set a goal by the end of the match or by the end of the season to ensure hsi football team moves up the table etc. Also goal setting is a purpose for elite level as it ensures they stay at the elite level. Squad selection is also important i this level as the coach would need to ensure the best performers are on the pitch and the best performance is gunna be playing.

Resources for Foundation level and Elite

Resources for the foundation level include fiscal;equitment;facilities and human.


Human resources for foundation level arent as professional as elite. Foundation level includes human resources such as teachers and parents ,on the other hand elite would be more professional for example coaches and managers. Teachers wouldnt be as experienced and have a high level of qualifications as elite coaches/managers would because they wouldnt need the high level experience.This is because the usual participants include people at a young age,this therefore wouldnt be neccessary because elite would be usually older. Also human resources for foundation level include teachers and parents as the participants wouldnt need much education on the sport to start off because they would only be learning the basic skills therefore no high level experienced coaches/managers would be nessasary.


Fiscal resources for foundation level would be a huge difference to elite level. Foundation level wouldnt cost as much as elite because the equipment and facilities etc wouldnt be as professional and costly as foundation would. For example the facilities you train in would be a feild or standard pitch for a football player at foundation ,on the other hand elite would be a professional training ground so it would cost much more. Also equipment such as timing gates would be used in a elite level however in a foundation level it would cost much cheaper as you would only use a stopwatch and cones.


Equipment in foundation level and elite are two very different resource requirments. This is because in foundation level the equipment would be very low standard and wouldnt be as expensive as elite would be. Also the equipment in foundation would take longer to use and take more effort to use ,for example equipment such as timing gates would be more expensive and less time compared to a someone in foundation who would have to carry out a event using a stopwatch and cones which would take longer. Also when they get the results the foundationj level will just write them down on a peice of paper ,compared to how elite level will have professional equipment to record them on a computer. Overall elite would be much more professional.


The facilities used in foundation and elite are two different resources. In foundation the resources for facilities are much more standard than elite which would be much more expensive. This is because foundation would be in a feild anywhere they can find or in a standard hall, compared to elite which would be in a professional football ground or stadium to train in. This therefore would mean it would cost much more for elite level.