Fort Stockton ISD (11/29/20 Update)

Important Information Regarding Next 8 Weeks of School

Message to Students, Parents, and Staff. (11/16/2020)

To our Fort Stockton Families

As always, our students, staff, and families' safety remains a top priority, and we will act out of an abundance of caution to protect everyone's health and wellbeing.

Throughout the last few months and especially the last few weeks, Fort Stockton Independent School District (FSISD) has been working with our local, state, and federal authorities to monitor our schools' health and wellness situation. Working together, we have actively monitored the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) in the best interest of our students, staff, and community.

FSISD will be moving to all virtual learning starting Monday, November 30, 2020, through Friday, December 18, 2020.

Students return on Tuesday, January 12, 2021, as they were attending school (virtually or at school) before the Thanksgiving Break (11/20/2020).

Big picture

FSISD teachers and staff have planned for this scenario, and we are confident that we can make the transition into January. During this time, our students will need to login to their regularly assigned classes as they would be in school learning in person. FSISD will still provide curbside meals, and we finalize all the details for the three schools while students are learning virtually in December. FSISD will continue with extracurricular practices and events, and having students attend school virtually, minimizing the number of potential contacts.

We know this is a time of great stress. Although our district will operate differently during the next seven weeks going into January, we will continue to serve our students and families best. Thank you for your continued patience, sacrifice, and support. Please continue to monitor your email and visit the District website and social media channels for regular updates. Our students, employees, and the community's health and safety are always our priority, and we will continue to work together to take good care of one another.

We know there may be some questions and we will address them as they arise.


Fort Stockton ISD

Fort Stockton ISD Meal Information (Updated 11/29/2020)

Meal Information

Fort Stockton ISD Food Services is feeding curbside gran and go meals to all children ages 0-18 years of age beginning Monday, November 30, 2020, until Friday, December 18, 2020.


Breakfast: 7:30 am - 8:00 am

Lunch: 11:45 am -12:30 pm


High School: Southside parking lot near the main office on 17th street.

Middle School: East parking lot in front of the gymnasium.

Intermediate: Northside parking lot. (4th and Oklahoma Streets)

Alamo: Eastside parking lot, near the main office.

Apache: Northside parking lot near the cafeteria.

When receiving meals, please remain in your vehicle.

Thank you for working with FSISD to help provide the best services to our students and parents.


Affordable Internet for Families in Fort Stockton (Update, 11/18/2020)

Please contact your school principal to get a letter indicating your child participates in FREE or REDUCED LUNCH as part of the National School Lunch Program needed to proceed for the discounted internet from AT & T.

Link to AT & T affordable internet plan for families.

Fort Stockton ISD

Fort Stockton ISD Contacts

Alamo School: (432) 336 - 4016, 4017, 4018, 4019

Apache School: (432) 336 - 4161, 4162

Intermediate School: (432) 336 - 4141, 4142

Fort Stockton Middle School: (432) 336 - 4131, 4132

Fort Stockton High School: (432) 336 - 4101, 4102, 4103, 4104

Butz School: (432) 336-4121

Transportation: (432) 336-4033

Special Services: (432) 336-4040

Central Office: (432) 336-4000

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