Washtion post

by Gabby Booker

President death!

President and Mrs. Lincoln went to ford`s theater to enjoy a play. While there John Wilkes Booth shot president Lincoln in the back of the head. Dr. Leale ran to Lincoln and tried to take the bullet out of his head. He couldn`t get the bullet out so they took carried him into a house. The president died the next day at 7:22.

John Wilkes Booth & David Herold mistakes

John Wilkes Booth and David Herold made mistake when trying to escape. First when Booth jumped off the box he broke his leg but he still had to ran so he would`t have to go to jail and get hanged. Also when Booth and Herold were on a boat trying to escape to Maryland they made a mistake. Booth pointed the compass the wrong way. This put Booth and Herold in the wrong direction.
The Assassination of Abraham Lincoln