Taste Test Seventh Grade

Which brand of lemon iced tea do people prefer?

By: Nicole, Chase, Colten, Kristin


Arizona Tea, Peace Tea, Nestea Tea

Taste Test Steps

  • Buy all materials needed, 4 plastic trays, 4 cans of Peace Tea, 1 jug of Arizona, and 8 cans of Nestle 300 3 oz dixie cups.
  • Get 3 plastic trays and separate all the cups evenly on the trays.
  • Label the trays 1 2 and 3 then decide what product will be what number, we did 1 Nestea 2 Peace and 3 Arizona.
  • Fill the cups according to what tray they are on.
  • Then place 3 cups on the front tray according to the randomization sheet.
  • Let people drink the samples and write it down on the iPad.
  • Clean up the area afterward.
  • We looked at what people chose and then write letters to the company.

  • Question- When student are given Nestea, Peace tea, and Arizona, which will they like best.

  • Hypothesis- Student are given Nestea, Peace tea and Arizona tea, they will like Peace more because it is more popular than other brands.

  • Data- We gave student an ipad at the taste test to record which tea they like best. After, we looked at the ipad and the randomizer sheet to see what people chose. As the graph below shows our findings.
    Conclusion- Our hypothesis did not reject. Peace tea ended up having the most votes so our hypothesis did not reject. What we would do better next time is make sure to have the cups ready in advance.


Arizona= 23.9%, Nestea= 30.4%, Peace= 45.7%