Kelly Creek Counseling Newsletter

February Newsletter

Counseling Lessons

Since returning from Winter Break, the counseling lessons have covered:

How the Brain Works: This brings some science into learning about emotions and feelings!

Identity: Everyone is unique and that should be celebrated. Our students have similarities and differences and that is what makes our community great!

February is Black History Month!

As a school we need to be teaching Black History throughout the school year. However, February is Black History Month so here are some great kids books to read to celebrate!

A Few Book Ideas!

*NEW* City of Gresham Utility Assistance Program

The City’s new Utility Assistance Program helps customers who are struggling to pay utility or garbage bills.

  • Each situation will be considered individually.
  • The City will approve applicants fairly to allow our limited funds to help the most customers.
  • Applications received Feb. 8-18 will be prioritized.
  • Please read the qualifications before applying.

Utility Assistance Program Website

How to Make a Calm Down Glitter Jar!

Glitter jars are a great tool to use to calm down when feeling anxious (for kids and adults). And is a fun craft idea for rainy days stuck inside.

Instructions Here!

Another Option Here!

Get that Energy Out!

Big picture

Mindfulness for Kids: Clever Breathing Exercises for Kids to Calm Down

These are good breathing activities to get kids to use their breath to calm down when feeing anxious or overwhelmed or whenever they just need to focus!

Clever Breathing Exercises for Kids

Coming Up!

Counseling Lessons:


Being a Bystander vs an Upstander

Using Your Voice