Wild Times Zoo

By: Brenna

When We Are Open

We are open from March 1 to November 20

Monday thru Wednesday- 12-9

Thursday and Friday- 8-10

Saturday and Sunday- 7-9


The Admission to get into to all of this Wild Fun is:

Kids: $9.00

Adults: $12.00

Wild Times Zoo

Friday, May 22nd, 8am

101 Oak Street, Green Bay, WI

Just Some of the Great Animals!

New Exhibit

We are just opening a new exhibit including Kangaroos.

Make Sure You Com and See all of Our Amazing Animals

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Some of our sponsors

Packer Wives

The Green Bay Packer Wives help with the animals every Friday morning.

Comfort Suits

The Zoo has partnered with 1951 West for a fundraising dinner on the Fourth of July.

Dairy Queen

Dairy Queen raises money for zoo animals by donating $1.00 from every Blizzard sold on Wednesdays at the Glendale Avenue location.