Analyzing Viola

Viola's identity

Viola is a sister and a daughter. Viola and her family got into a ship wreck, and a see captain saved her and her brother Sebastian. When the captain saved her he dressed her up like a boy to go work for Duke Orsino. The reason he did this is because nobody would hire a girl, and she needed money to support her. And while she's working for Orsino she starts to fall in love with him. " Conceal me what I am, and be my aid for such disguise as haply shall become the form of my intent. Ill serve this Duke. Thou shall present me as an eunuch to him" (I.ii.49-52). This quote means that Viola will serve for Duke Orsino to get her some money to support herself.

She's the man:

Viola from she's the man is a young female in high school who loves soccer and will do anything to play the game. She is nothing like her mom because Viola is more like a tomboy. She has a brother named Sebastian, her mom and dad are divorced. So Viola is at school and finds out that the girls soccer team is cut, so she decides to be her brother while he's in London for his band and she tries out for the boys soccer team at Illyria. But then she ends up admitting that she's actually not Sebastian.

Viola's Gender

Viola is a female who is a servant for Duke Orsino. Viola needs to dress up as a male because nobody will take a female as a server and then she wouldn't be able to support herself. So since she is a female she is limited to what she can do. " It may be worth thy pains, for I can sing and speak to him in many sorts of music that will allow me very worth his service" (I.ii.53-55). This quote explains that she is willing to act like a man so she can support herself while working for Orsino.

She's the man

Viola from she's the man sees herself as an athlete and a tomboy that loves soccer. Viola dressed up like her brother to play soccer because her old school cut the soccer team and they wouldn't let the girls tryout for the boys team. In the movie when Viola finds out that she cant try out for the boys soccer team she basically said if you cant play with them be them and play against them. This means that she's going to dress up like her brother and go to the school and play for the boys soccer team there.

Viola's perception

How people view Viola is smart and risk-taking, because she's smart but also risking her life to work for the ruler for Illyria as a man just to support herself. They also see her as a nice loyal person. Orsino actually married Viola because of her loyalty. " I shall have share in this most happy wreck. (to Viola) Boy, thou hast said to me a thousand times thou never shouldst love women like to me" (V.i.257-259). This quote explains that Duke Orsino wants to marry Viola for her loyalty.

She's the man

Hoe people view Viola is that she's a tomboy and athletic. The reason people view her this way is because she went to the extreme just to play soccer. At the end of the movie when they get the truth Duke was mad at viola but then he ended up forgiving her and dating her I think. When Viola told Duke the truth she said something along the lines like they wouldn't let the girls try out for the boys soccer team so I dressed up like my brother and pretended to be him while he was in London.

Comparing myself to Viola

There are probably a lot of similarities and differences of me and Viola. Some similarities are that me and her are loyal and close to our siblings. In the story Orsino relies on her to go talk to Olivia for him. My friends rly on me for things like that sometimes. Some differences are that she goes to the extreme to do things like an example is that she turned into a guy to support herself, and then me i'm level headed.

She's the man

There are some similarities and differences between me and Viola from she's the man. Some similarities are that were both athletic and we would both do the same thing for the game we love, I don't think I would change my gender because I wouldn't have to but I would fight to keep the sport I love if it got cut. Some differences are that she's likes a sport that I don't like at all, like I can play it with friends but I cant watch it because I have no idea what's going while im watching it, I just like the part when they score and the announcer goes GOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But other wise I think we don't have that many differences.