Laurent Clerc

Famous Deaf Teacher

Who, Where, When?

· Born on December 26th, 1785

· La Balme, France

· Died on July 18th, 1869 (age 83)

· Childhood-When he was a year old, Clerc, while momentarily unattended, fell from a chair into the hearth, suffering a blow to the head and sustaining a permanent scar on the right side of his face below his ear. Clerc's family believed his deafness and inability to smell were caused by the accident, but he later wrote he was born without the senses.

Clerc came to Hartford in 1816 and became a teacher there in 1817, then served more than 50 years

Interesting facts!!!

  • the fisrt time he met another deaf person, he was twelve
  • he was the first deaf person to stand in front of
  • "Every creature, every work of God, is admirably well made; but if any one appears imperfect in our eyes, it does not belong to us to criticise it." famous quote(: