Scientific Revolution

Amiy C. 3rd

What was the change?

The scientific revolution changed almost everything starting with the way people viewed medicine,science,and nature but it also changed the view we had on how the universe worked.

Who were the people associated with the change?

Johannes Kepler

He was a brilliant and patient mathematician .He used many inspirations to finally decide correctly that planets move in elliptical orbits, not circular ones, and the motions are not at uniform speeds which helped him prove that Copernicus Heliocentric theory was indeed correct.

How did the change impact society at the time?

Intellectually, the Scientific Revolution ushered in a new way of thinking, including the establishment of the Scientific Method.The Scientific Revolution can be said to have definitively improved the lives of all European intellectuals. The religious world, however, was in turmoil. The new focus on science led to discoveries that seemed to go against the bible, which was held to that point to be the literal word of god.

How is that change evidenced in today's modern society?

It changed peoples beliefs on how peoples perceived the universe and also there were many progressions with inventions and stuff of that source. But the scientific revolution made us question the bible and in the belief we had on god.We also use the scientific revolution by the new inventions we have in medicine and in biological tools like the telescope.