Peak Experience CA#3 A4

For the best climbers ever! By: Stephen and P.J.

The Economic Impact on Everest

There are 25,000 tourist attractions and you need permission to climb Mount Everest. Be sure you have some money, because the whole cost of the climb and equipment is $3,350! For every three days you climb, it is $30. Always be on the lookout, avalanches can occur out of thin air!

The climbing season is spring, the time where Peak and the gang went up the mountain. Tourism is a major attraction. Everyone wants to know what it feels like on the"top of the world"!

Most people who explore Everest go in groups. For example, if you slipped on ice and you are ten feet from your death, one of your group members can save you from ending your time at Mount Everest too early. There are a lot of other situations you will need a group for. One reason can be someone can help you set up your tent. Another reason can be that you need a couple people to help you climb the rope.


Youngest person reaches the summit!

Sun-Jo was the youngest person to summit Mount Everest! He reach the summit at exactly 1:32 P.M on May 30th, the day right before his birthday. The youngest person before that was 16 and Sun-Jo broke his record! Sun-Jo almost had to go back down Everest, because of some health issues, but he stayed strong and reached the summit!

I on the other hand, was Exhausted on camp five, so I headed back down the mountain. It felt like that I was running a marathon, except I never stopped running! I didn't change my mind at all going up that scary, deathly mountain! I enjoyed the oxygen as I reached the bottom!

Preparation for climbing Mount Everest

One main thing is, if you have a hard time climbing mountains, then this is not something you want to experience! When you climb a mountain such as Mount Everest, remember to pace yourself! Don't get too excited or you will be tired and die from going up the mountain too fast! For example, if you get hurt or scrape yourself, stop at a safe place so you can recover or bandage the scrape. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! Drink a lot of water. If you don't have any water, boil some snow, or drink from a nearby river. Keep in mind to make sure the water does not have any bacteria in it!

You have to practice climbing mountains before you summit Everest! You also have to get used to the climate. Always have a positive attitude and make a mind set goal. One deadly reason people get trapped in is the weather! Your timing going from camp to camp has to be exact! You can die from the freezing temperatures. Right before you leave your tent, make sure you have everything you will need in order to reach Everest! Trust me, it will come in handy!


Josh's biography

Josh is almost a house hold name in America. He is famous climber who has faced death situations many times. He has never reached the summit of Everest in his life. Josh has defeated many mountains in his life, but he also has lost some battles in his life to mountains.

Josh runs a company called Peak Experience and they are one of the best climbing companies on Everest you can get. When you sign up for them they give you dinner and supplies for you to get to the summit of Everest. Josh's company just got the youngest boy ever to the top of Mount Everest! If you want to go know more about that go read the news article "Youngest person reaches the summit!" written by Holly Angelo.

Sun-Jo Biography

Sun -Jo was the youngest person ever to reach the summit of MOUNT EVEREST. Before that he was a kid that nobody knew, and he was just another kid trying to become a sherpa. He was helping a kid going up to base camp, but then he helped the kid get to the top of the world.