My friends

all of them


My friends names are Robyn,Jayde,Rochelle,Rianna,Kani and Zara all of my friends have good names because all of my friends and me like are names my fully name is Deja Manaia tewhare so I like my name because my favourite part of my name is Manaia.

Their Age

Robyn's age is 7 Jayde's age is 7 Rochelle is 8 Rianna is 7 Kani is 7 and Zara is 7 I am 7 just like Robyn, Jayde,Rianna,Kani and Zara next year I will be turning 8 but I won't have a big party because I had a big party this year.

Skin colour

Robyn's skin colour is dark Jayde's skin colour is light Rochelle 's skin colour is light like Jayde's Rianna's skin colour is dark dark Kani's skin colour is light like the others and Zara skin colour is light like the others my skin colour is kind of dark and light.

Eye colour

Robyn's eye's look green Jayde's eyes look brown Rianna's eyes look brown Kani's eyes look green and Zara's eyes look brown.

Their favouite singer

Robyn's well I do not no robs favourite singer Jayde's favourite singer is one direction Rianna's I do not no her favourite singer I do not no Kani's favourite singer I do not no Zara's favourite singer.

Favourite flower

Robs favourite flower I think it is rose Jayde's sun flower rochelles is rose Rianna's is sun flower Kani's rose Zara sun flower.