Badger Bulletin

February 15th

School News

SETTING UP CANVAS: link provides steps on how to set up a parent account on Canvas

Please be sure to encourage your child to advocate for his- or her- self at school, as this will prepare them for high school.

We will be taking students on a field trip to the high school on February 23rd. There was a blue permission slip sent home last week that needs to be signed and returned to a special education teacher by February 18th. On the day of the trip students will check-in their first hour class for attendance, and then meet down in the lobby by the office. We will be gone 1-3 hours. Teachers are aware of the field trip and are attempting to plan accordingly.

ILA Classes

Stems: Students can practice on,, or by searching wwtw.

Read 180: Students will read Battle books in groups, use the strategy "Notice and Note," and focus on vocabulary. Students should continue to study their stems.

Story: Students will read Running Out of Time and use the "Notice and Note" strategy. Check on Canvas for the stems for the quiz on Friday. Students should be studying all week.

Glassman: Students will continue the historical fiction unit and should be reading their novels at home.

System 44:

  • Started book clubs- will be reading a book in a small group and discussing it.
  • Our Gofundme campaign is underway! Please donate or share- the students worked so hard! We bought and planted our first gardens!
  • Students have started the poetry unit.
  • read 20 min every night at home.



Tuesday~ Review


Thursday~ Quiz

Friday~Data Folders


In 8th grade math we will be quizzing on Wednesday. That quiz will cover the first two sections of chapter 5 on solving systems by graphing and by substitution. Then we will move on to solving systems using elimination.

In Algebra we will be starting chapter 7. We will be naming, adding, subtracting and multiplying polynomials.


We will continue to solve systems by ELIMINATING one of the variables! We will also talk about systems that have NO SOLUTIONS and INFINITE NUMBERS of SOLUTIONS!

For math tests and quizzes students should prepare by:

1. Check Skyward. Are all assignments in and passing?

2. Practice tests and quizzes from each section in the book.

3. Review pages at the end of the chapter in the book

4. On-line book has practice tests and quizzes:

mathblue westbend


All students have access to IXL to practice their math skills. Each class has different skill sets and skill levels to be working towards improvement. See link below.

1st Hour: Quiz on 3.10-3.11 on Wednesday, and a Chapter 3 Test on Friday. Study guides will be sent home on Tuesday for the quiz and on Wednesday (from the book) for the test.

3rd Hour: Complete chapter Test. Study guide was completed this week. Students can use the study guide to review, as well as IXL.

9th Hour: Multiplying whole numbers and decimals together using pictures, 100-grid, base-ten blocks, repeated addition, and the algorithm. Mid-chapter test scheduled for Friday or the following week Monday/Tuesday depending on understanding and review. A study guide will need to be completed (p. 181-182 in the Garfield book) by Friday. It will be assigned on Thursday.

PLTW Science

Mr. D.-

Wednesday test. Students have study guides. Then starting second unit on circuits.


We will be working on two nanotechnology projects this week.

Mrs. Miller's:

PLTW Oleary Miller will be working on the research and construction of flying machines that were chosen by the students. Everything from kites to rocket ships.

Social Studies- U.S. History

Mrs. Paulson & Mrs. Miller:

We will be taking notes on chapter 8.3 this week. There will be a Chapter 8 test on Friday February 19th.

Mr. Christopherson

Mr. Granzow:

Study guides- Your child will know if they take the RM, M or regular test.

Here are the study guides for Friday.



The regular study guide can be found in the students canvas account when teachers have made them available.