Our Ocean

What technology is needed to explore our ocean?

How much of the ocean have we explored?

The ocean covers up 75 percent of the world, yet 95 percent of it is unexplored. That being said, most of the ocean is unexplored. The ocean is a vital part of our survival, so I think we should learn as much as we can about it.

What's stopping us?

One the biggest reasons, you could probably guess, is that it's really expensive. It cost hundreds of millions of dollars to use the technology that we use to explore certain depths of the ocean. Also, lots of people actually aren't just interested in the ocean. They think its a endless floor of mud. These are a few facts of what's stopping us.

Some pictures that represent the beauty of the of our Ocean


Is the technology there?

We have already explored the ocean along there coastline, the shallower parts of the ocean. As for the deeper parts, not as much. NOAA is currently leading efforts to explore the ocean where is has not yet been explored, and to do this there currently developing technology. They are using advanced submersible technology, to explore deep water eco-systems. They are also developing many more diving technologies. There are many more projects that NOAA is doing to help with the exploration of the ocean. I believe that in the future, we will have explored most of the ocean.