Layers of the Atmosphere

By: Madeline Greene

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The 4 Main Layers


The Thermosphere is the highest of the main layers. Its temperatures range from -100°C and higher. There is an increase in temperatures when traveling higher into the Thermosphere. Temperatures in the Thermosphere can reach up to 2,000°C. The air molecules in the Thermosphere are 1 km apart. Activities and items present in the Thermosphere are Radio Waves, Aurora Borealis, Intl. Space Station, and an Unmanned Spacecraft.

Sub Layers


The Magnetosphere is the highest sub layer of the atmosphere. This layer acts as Earth's Magnetic Field and attracts particals from the solar wind. The phenomenon known as the Aurora Borealis or also called the Northern Lights is caused by the Magnetosphere. The ions in the solar plasma are charged which makes them interact with the magnetic fields differently, solar wind particals are swept around the Earth's magnetosphere along with other planet's magnetospheres as well.