Spotlight on Specials

First Grade

Exploratory Team

The teachers of these exploratory classes are committed to inspire the creative genius in all students through art, technology, library media, music, counselor and physical education.


In our library classes this quarter students participated in a shared writing of a circle story based on Laura Numeroff’s If You Take a Mouse to the Movies. Their stories began with “If you take a mouse to the North Pole…” We discussed several book awards available to authors and illustrators of children’s books and then enjoyed reading and looking at some of the winners. Some of the first grade students enjoyed identifying rhyming words and showing us their dance moves after having read together Barn Dance! by Bill Martin, Jr. and John Archambault. We watched a preview of some of the exciting books that were coming to the Scholastic Book Fair during Spring Parent-Teacher Conferences. We looked and listened for evidence to determine whether a book was fiction or nonfiction. Students worked with a partner and located books in the Everyone section using the book’s call number.


The school year is flying by! We began third quarter with scooters. It was a blast! We played games that involved scooters such as scooter tag, garbage truck pick-up and scooter scramble. After being re-acquainted with the scooters, we began a scooter hockey unit. The students seemed to really enjoy it! During scooter hockey, the students learned how to dribble the puck (we used a whiffle ball instead of a puck), pass, and shoot a goal. We got to play many games and students were able to show their teamwork and sportsmanship. The scooters really are a great workout! During third quarter, the students did a lot of climbing. They climbed the rock wall and the cargo net and did such an awesome job! We talked a lot about safety during the climbing unit, and the students did a great job of showing their understanding. They were all able to climb and help their partner(s) by being a spotter for them. They had a lot of responsibility being a spotter! To end the quarter, we played basketball! The students learned how to dribble with their finger pads, eyes up, and ball low. Dribbling can be very tricky, so I loved how the students never gave up. They practiced shooting using the acronym B.E.E.F. (Balance, Eyes, Elbow, Follow through) to help remind them of the correct form. After learning the skills, we got to play fun games such as hot shot, hot spot, dribble relays, and more! The words we focused on this quarter were maneuver, fundamentals, leader, balance, flexibility, hustle, foul (basketball term), and trustworthiness.


I’m Mr. Relf, and I was the student teacher in music for 3rd quarter. I had a great time at Riverview Elementary teaching music. Every student was a delight to see in class during the quarter. We had lots of fun learning about music together. I wish the best for every student in 4th quarter and in their future years of making music! Here’s a little about what we did in third quarter:

3rd quarter was highlighted by the 1st grade music program, “S Is For Sunflower”! The students worked really hard preparing for their program, and they did a fantastic job! After the music program, 1st grade students began to learn new songs and started learning about how music is made of patterns, and is put together like a puzzle. We learned specifically about AB and ABA form. Then the students learned about expression in music. They were able to demonstrate high & low, loud & soft, and fast & slow through movement, including using our shadow screen! 1st grade also learned about the note “La” and incorporated it with songs that included So-Mi-La patterns.


In Guidance with Ms. Munsey this quarter, we finished our unit on the Zones of Regulation. We continued to work on the pillars of character, focusing on caring for self, others, and being a good friend. In honor of Dr. Seuss week students learned to ‘dare to care’ with Horton, learning that a person’s a person, no matter how small. I am also very excited to have a fabulous intern, Natalie Arbaugh, working with me from February through April. She has been a great addition and works so well with all grade levels teaching guidance lessons and working with students.


First graders started out the quarter typing up their snowmen directions in Kidspiration. We put the final touches on our project by printing the page and creating our very own snowman out of paper. Next, we moved on to learning about a new app called See Saw. See Saw allows students to post videos, pictures, audio files and drawings on their class feed. The public is not able to view the class feed. Once we get going with this, we hope to invite parents to our class feeds. So far, we have learned how to add picture, text and audio. We began work on our personal stories in computer class. During this next quarter we will sharpen those up and post them in See Saw.


During the third quarter, first grade students have been very busy in art. The first project students created this quarter was inspired by our very own state. In honor of Kansas Day, students painted sunflowers. This lesson also connected to Vincent Van Gogh’s famous sunflower still-life painting. The sunflowers were cut out and displayed in a giant vase in the hall for all to see. Next, students learned how to create a figure out of clay. After reviewing how to create a pinch pot, students manipulated the pot, by forming owl features on the basic structure. Students also carved into the clay piece to create texture. Next, students learned about artist Jim Dine and his famous heart paintings & prints. After discussing his work and what a heart symbolizes in our culture, student created their own heart prints inspired by Dine’s art. After reading a very funny story called, Alberto the Dancing Alligator, students created an alligator out of paper. To create the alligator’s back, students learned how to weave paper strips. Students also practiced their cutting and gluing skills to make features for their alligators. Next, students learned about artist Gustav Klimt. We read a story about the artist and analyzed his work. Students learned that the artist had a pet cat that stayed in his art studio with him while he worked. Students drew a picture of the artist’s cat and applied Klimt’s favorite color (gold) and his stylistic patterns (swirls, dots, triangles, and squares) and design to its body.

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