Sebastian Rutledge's Book Review

Language Arts

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Birds By: Sarah Wilkes

The book is about different types of birds. The book is filled with pictures and information about birds. You can learn a lot of information from this book.

Quote Me

"What are birds? Birds are the largest and fastest flying animals." "Their flying ability helped them spread to all the continents around the world." "They live in a diverse range of habitats."

Product Details

Age Range- All ages Grade Level- Any grade level Pages- 47 Publisher- Sarah Wilkes

Rank or Recommend

I would rank this book a 1 because the book is really educational. You can really learn a lot about birds. The three other books are really funny but i really like educational books.

Editorial Review

This is a very good educational book. I learned a lot about birds that I can probably write a a paragraph about different kind of birds.