Fiddler on the Roof

Last Update before I fly East!


Cast members NEED to read the emails and practice their songs from the Drop Box.

Matchmaker and the Dream Scene are now up there, too.

It is always great to have the music in the background or while you are driving, but practicing songs means listening to them with the words, singing them standing up with the accompaniment, enunciating, sharing emotions and all that fun stuff that makes a play come alive!

The Dream Scene

Our newest (and final) song that we worked on is the Dream Scene.

This is a version from Hofstra University (where my Mom teaches.)

Please use it to help you learn the music!

The dream

We have a Milk Cart!

Thank you so much to Mr. Dzurenko, Allison Vandal's grandfather, for his amazing work on this milk cart! Tevye, get ready to start your career as a dairyman!
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