Staff Weekly Update

For the Week of January 18th, 2016

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DOE Resource: Hoosier Family of Readers

Did you know that ALL Indiana families have access to thousands of free online books using the myOn Digital Library? Below is the website for more information - be sure to share this information with your parents, if you haven't already! It's VERY EASY to get logged in and to start accessing the books!

Direct from the DOE:

Through the Hoosier Family of Readers initiative, students and their families across the state will have unlimited access to reading material on myON, giving families an opportunity to share rich literacy experiences together regardless of their socioeconomic status or whether or not there is a proficient reader in the home.

  • More than 4,000 digital books ranging from illustrated and picture books to chapter books, graphic novels, literary non-fiction, photo and informational texts spanning multiple eras and cultures.
  • The collection includes 70% nonfiction, 10% Spanish or dual language and 20% Hi-Lo titles, and is continually growing.
  • A wide range of titles and topics provides varying levels of text complexity and support close reading in a range of genres and content areas, including history/social studies, science and technical works.
  • Books are available online anytime, anywhere students have access to an Internet connection, 24x7,
  • There’s NO LIMIT to the number of students who can read the same book at the same time on myON.
  • Students can download up to 20 titles for offline reading using free mobile apps for iPad and Android tablets.

Directions for How to Log In

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The ISTEP+ "EXPERIENCE" Through Pearson

The IDOE is pleased to announce the ISTEP+ “EXPERIENCE” opportunity is now available through Pearson. EXPERIENCE is presented via the Pearson online platform (TestNav 8) that will be used for ISTEP+ online testing, as well as IREAD-3 online testing. The purpose of EXPERIENCE is for students, educators, parents, and community members to see how test items similar to those on the ISTEP+ Part 2 assessment are presented in the online system. EXPERIENCE makes a great classroom-based activity! Click here for more information!

Accessing EXPERIENCE via a Standard Desktop or Laptop Browser:

To access the EXPERIENCE TestNav 8 forms using a desktop or laptop and FireFox, Internet Explorer 11, or Safari browser (the Chrome browser is not compatible), simply click on the following link or enter the URL into your browser's address bar: is external).

Please note that mobile device browsers are not officially supported for use with TestNav 8.

Good Food for Thought Regarding ISTEP+

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Important Reminders from ESC & Jeff Wade!

With the COLD Temperatures arriving this week we need to plan accordingly regarding our assigned rooms & spaces to avoid any emergency situations, as much as possible. For this week & until you see a follow-up email please plan the following within your daily activities.

  • #1 – During the school day, remember to keep your classroom doors shut during Instruction periods, this will help keep the room heat inside your room. Hallways are normally kept at lower temperatures than Instructional spaces.

  • #2 – IF you have Window Blinds & open them during the day to allow Sunshine in, PLEASE remember to close them before you leave at the end of the day to help keep the cold out during the Night.

  • #3 – When you leave at the end of the day to travel home (safely) please remember to leave your Classroom or Office Door open to assist in keeping your space at a safe Temperature overnight.

  • #4 – IF you have a Sink along an Exterior Wall, open your Cabinet Doors under the Sink to prevent a “cold & freeze proof” space.

  • #5 – IF you find any area where it feels colder than normal, please remember to report this so it can be checked into so it doesn’t become an emergency later.

Welcome, Alexa Hutson!

Hi! My name is Alexa Hutson. This semester I am student teaching in Miss Clare's first grade classroom. I am a senior at Purdue University. I plan to graduate in May with a degree in elementary education.

I grew up in Crawfordsville, IN up until I started at Purdue. My family now lives in Brownsburg. I am the oldest of five siblings, one sister and three brothers. I enjoy dancing, reading, and traveling. I am so excited to be working at Stonegate! I hope to have a great semester here and learn a lot from you and the students

Retention Information - Friday 1/22 is the DEADLINE DATE!

Are you considering recommending one of your students be retained for this next school year? If YES, please do the following:

  • Please click here to fill out the 15-16 SGE Retention List.
  • Please email Connie, Martha, and Lisa (yes - all three of us!)
  • Please let us know you have filled this Google form out

The deadline to have this form filled out is Friday, January 22nd, 2016 by 6:00PM.

ZCS 2015-2016 District Priorities

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Another round of applause goes out to our 3rd graders and their hard-working teachers for another very successful SPECIALTY FAIR! This is a semester long project, as well as a labor of love. We know it's not easy to help students become researchers and specialists, but you all certainly make this happen year after year. Great job on your hard work, perseverance, and patience! BRAVO!!!!

2015-2016 SGE & PTO CALENDAR

Please refer to the second Smore email right after the Staff Weekly Update has been sent out. This email will soon have our entire 2015-2016 Calendar of Events for SGE & PTO!

Please read the information on the "Smore SGE Calendar" for further details. Thanks!

Here are our beautiful birthday friends for January 2016!

*If you are NEW and we do not have your birthdate, please email Alison so we can recognize you on your special day! Thank you!*


18 - Nancy Fitzpatrick

22 - Officer Josh Chapman

23 - Katie Coyner

30 - Allison Albright

2015-2016 Lifelines

August - Cooperation

September - Respect

October - Flexibility

November - Gratitude

December - Generosity

January - Responsibility

February - Friendship

March - Perseverance

April - Self-Control

May - Integrity

YouTube + Heinemann Publishing + Stenhouse Publishers = Excellent and FREE Professional Development!

Check out these two videos from each YouTube channel. The first one is from Heinemann and the second one is from Stenhouse. I highly recommend you "subscribe" to both channels!

Making Math Far More Accessible to Our Students: The "Convince Me" Strategy
New from Kassia Omohundro Wedekind: HOW DID YOU SOLVE THAT? (DVD)