Video Games and lack of exercise

Is it true

What teenagers do

You don't have to spend much time with teenagers to know that the average adolescent would rather devote an afternoon to sitting in front of the TV, computer or video-game console than working out in a gym. And in recent years, as physical-education classes have been progressively cut from cash-strapped public-school curriculums, teens have had even more time to lounge, slouch, hang out or do anything but break a sweat.

The gaming consoles

Guaranteed to be relaxing and fun.

Gaming consoles have exercise games

Although video games are addicting, you can’t stop playing it and you get not that much exercise. There are ways to keep fit by using video game consoles there is Xbox Kinect, PlayStation move and the Wii. They are all good ways to keep fit because there are games that keep you fit and you can go on 10-20 minute runs by just jogging on the spot, there are also yoga exercise games the best console to keep fit with would be the Wii because there are numerous games for exercise. The games coming up are my top 10 games for Wii:

Top 10 Wii games

1. Just Dance 4

2. EA Sports Active 2 and NFL Training Camp

3. Exerbeat

4. Zumba Fitness Core

5. Dance Dance Revolution II

6. The Biggest Loser Challenge

7. Active Life Explorer

8. Get Fit with Mel B

9. Wii Fit Plus

10. Walk It Out

Top 6 Xbox Kinect games

1. Zumba fitness rush

2. EA sports active 2

3. The biggest loser ultimate workout

4. UfC personal trainer

5. Nike kinect training

6. Zumba fitness core

Playstation Move

I only found one game for fitness on the Playstation Move the game is Move Fitness

My opinion

I choose game consoles and lack of exercise, there are pros and cons about this but my opinion is that game consoles don't affect your lack of exercise because I play on the Xbox quite a bit and I'm fit and healthy and my other friends that play on the same concole or different ones are also fit. There are some people around the world that play 24/7 and don't go outside that much.