Basic Health for America

Should all Americans have a right to basic healthcare?

Mitt Romney's view on basic healthcare for all Americans:

"Healthcare is more than just one-sixth of the American economy. It is a source of well-being for individuals and families. We are blessed with much that is good in American healthcare. But we have taken a turn for the worse with ObamaCare, with it's high taxes and vastly expanded federal control over our lives. I believe the better course is to empower the states to determine their own healthcare futures."

Barack Obama's view on basic healthcare for all Americans:

"ObamaCare is making healthcare work better for all of us, even if you already have insurance. It puts the health of your family first- ensuring access to free preventive care and protecting consumers from insurance company abuses. Mitt Romney has promised to repeal all the benefits of ObamaCare on 'Day One' if he's elected president."

Why is basic healthcare an issue in America?

"The United States spends twice as much on healthcare per capita ($7,129) as any other country. "


"The percentage of the the people in the United States without health insurance was 15.8% in 2006, and the number of uninsured was 47.0 million."

-U.S. Census Bureau

"Universal healthcare is the belief that all citizens should have access to affordable, high-quality medical care."