Riding On Water

My Scientific Summer


My favorite summer event was tuing with my family. We stay near Lake Minoqua and Tomahawk at our cabin which is about 2 1/2 hours from Green Bay. 4th of July weekend is the most special weekend in summer to me, I get to see my family and we get to spend the whole day together on the boat hanging out.

The morning of the 4th, we hooked the boat up to the truck and drove 20 minutes to the launch and got our day started. When we launch the boat and tube, the oldest ones are always allowed on first (my brother Tanner and I). We usually go the fastest while riding together. My favorite thing to do on the tube is hitting the wake of another boat and the tube jerks us over its side.

Only a few people actually go on the tube during the day; myslef, my Tante, my brothers Tanner and Beckett, my sister Ellie, and our cousin Noah.

The reason we only go tuing on 4th of July is because that is the only weekend that our whole family is up north together in the summer. It is also all the kids favorite activity during the weekend since they get to go super fast and we are on the boat from around noon all the way until midnight when the fireworks are done and all the other boats are getting pulled out of the water.

Look At Me!

The Science Of It #1

My first connection to science for tubing is physics-

Tubing relates to physics because while the tube is connected to the boat by a rope, the speed of the boat will drag it and the passangers anywhere the boat moves. For example, if the boat moves out of the path or radius that the tube is already moving, it will achieve greater speeds (speeds faster than the boat is already moving at).

Citation to Physics

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The Science Of It #2

My second connection to science for tubing is Newtons 1st Law-

Newtons 1st Law states that an object in motion will stay in motion unless acted upon by another force. So when a rider falls off the tube, they will just stay moving through the air unless something else acts upon it. In this case, our objects (our rider) movement will be distrupted by our force (hitting the water) causing he/she to come to a stop.

Citation to Newtons 1st Law

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My Questions...

  1. I wonde rwhy the tube achieves faster speeds while turning?
  2. I wonder how much faster the tubes speed will reach while doing a half turn?
  3. I wonder how you can determine the elevation that the tube will achieve while hitting different sized waves at different miles per hour?
  4. I wonder if using different materials such as latex vs. canvas changes the speed you would achieve during a high speed turn?